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Employees injured by work explosion

Two employees in Oklahoma were injured by a workplace explosion that occurred on Nov. 20. The accident happened at around 3:20 p.m. at the DCP straight compressor station located at County Rd. 7 and mile 32N by Guymon. One of the workers on-site told emergency response crews that four employees were at the location when the building housing the drying operations exploded without notice. Two of the employees inside the building were able to escape through an exit when the eruption began.

Both men caught fire as they exited the building, but an employee nearby was able to extinguish the flames. Both employees were brought to Memorial Hospital of Texas County by a work vehicle before emergency response crews arrived on-scene. The burn victims were in critical condition when they were transported to the Burn Unit at Lubbock later on. DCP officials were still investigating the fire and explosion, but the cause remained unknown at the time of the report.

Firefighters and DCP officials were successful in isolating the fire and preventing it from reaching the rest of the building. As a precautionary measure, students at a nearby elementary school were evacuated; no one was injured. Several emergency departments responded to the explosion and remained on scene for over an hour. The two burn victims injured in the workplace accident may benefit from obtaining legal representation.

Lawyers may be able to ensure that employees in industrial workers’ accidents are able to receive the wage benefits and reasonable medical coverage required by workers’ compensation laws. Workers’ may also be compensated for rehabilitation costs and other hardships caused by the workplace incident. Legal counsel might be effective in investigating the accident and determining if any third parties should be held liable for the resulting damages. Workers may also be successful in obtaining improved safety standards at the workplace as well.

Source:, “Two workers critically injured in explosion near Guymon“, November 21, 2014


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