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I’ve Been Denied For Every Job But I Still Can’t Get Social Security

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I’ve Been Denied For Every Job But I Still Can’t Get Social Security

According to the United States Office Of Retirement And Disability Policy more than 1 million people each year apply for Social Security and are denied or have application held pending. Reports show that “technical denials” make up the majority of those decisions.

Technical Denials

The Social Security Administration (SSA) defines a technical denial as:

“Applicant has an impairment resulting from drug addiction or alcoholism,
provided insufficient medical evidence,
failed to cooperate, failed to follow prescribed treatment,
did not want to continue development of the claim,
or returned to substantial work before disability could be established.”

In addition, the SSA includes applications “denied at or above the hearing level for which the basis of determination is not available” as technical denials. If you are among the many hundreds of thousands of Social Security applicants whose claim was denied for technical (or other) reasons, you may consider pursuing an appeal.

Social Security Appeals

With the help of one of our experienced Social Security Disabilities attorney, we can help you navigate the appeals process. While it can be complicated for those who are not accustomed to all the nuanced requirements and common pitfalls, we can simplify the journey for you.

You should have been notified of the reasons for your denial. We’ll help you understand what those reasons mean to the appellate process and help you file what’s called Request for Reconsideration. From there we’re be able to provide representation and legal counsel as needed in pursuit of your successful appeal.

Advocacy For Your Social Security Disabilities Appeal

The social security liability attorneys of Frasier, Frasier & Hickman are uniquely equipped to help you pursue maximum benefits and compensation. Having helped numerous clients in SSDI matters similar to yours, our team is prepared to answer any questions you may.

As a point of interest, you may like to know that it is the custom of our firm to not charge for Social Security Disability services unless money is collected on your behalf.

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