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Who can be found liable for construction-related injuries?

Oklahoma residents might benefit from understanding more about which parties may held be liable for injuries incurred in a construction accident. Because of the dangerous nature of the work, injuries at these job sites can be a frequent occurrence. Promoting safety awareness through inspections, regulations and employer policies is often the recommended approach towards reducing the risk of injury or death at construction sites.

Depending on the nature of the accident, some of the people who might be held liable for ensuing injuries include the construction manager, the landowner, the designer or engineer, contractors or a supplier. Larger projects may result in an entire construction management business being found culpable for the resulting damages. In order to determine liability for the accident, courts typically consider the legal duties and responsibilities of the parties alleged to be involved in the incident.

The insurance coverage of the parties involved may also have an impact on who may be held financially liable for the resulting damages. Manufacturers of defective equipment may also be held liable for any injuries the products may cause at the workplace. Certain parties may be found liable for injuries resulting from poor equipment maintenance as well. Contractors are generally liable for maintaining a safe job site and ensuring that their work is completed in a safe manner, such as hiring competent workers and complying with safety standards.

People who need more information about construction accidents may benefit from consulting with legal counsel. Lawyers may be prepared to investigate the incident and help identify any of the parties who may be found culpable for the resulting injuries. In some cases, the injured party may be eligible for workers’ compensation.

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