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Who Is Responsible For a Hydroplaning Accident

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Who Is Responsible For A Hydroplaning Accident?

Accidents can occur for many reasons. Often they occur because of a negligent driver. There are some accidents where the cause may be more confusing, because weather conditions are involved. This is the case with hydroplaning.

How Does Hydroplaning Occur?

Hydroplaning occurs in rainy conditions. It can occur just after a light rain, when the pavement is still wet. Rain on the surface of the pavement mixes with oily residue, causing a slippery surface beneath automobile tires. It can become so slippery that steering or braking power in the vehicle is compromised, causing the automobile to skid. An accident can result, causing injury or loss of life to the driver, passengers, and any other cars involved.

Who Is At Fault?

It may seem as if hydroplaning would be considered to be an act of nature since it is caused by rain, and therefore, nobody should be at fault. While it’s true that the presence of rain on a road is something a driver cannot control, he can control the use of his vehicle on that road under those weather conditions. Drivers are expected to maintain due caution when they are on the road in adverse weather conditions, and alter their speed or driving habits as needed.

The likelihood that a car will hydroplane can be minimized by driver control. The possibility that an automobile will hydroplane increases above 35 miles per hour. It also increases when tires do not contain enough air, or when tire tread is worn down.

All of these conditions can be controlled by the driver himself. For that reason, a wet road after a rain should be considered in the same way as an icy road. If a driver skids because of hydroplaning, and he hits someone else, he will usually be considered to be at least partially liable for the accident.

If You Have An Accident

Sometimes these kinds of accidents happen not because a driver is knowingly negligent, but because he or she was unaware that road conditions were not safe. If you have been involved in an accident where you were at fault, whether due to your own willful negligence or not, the best thing to do is to contact a lawyer for help. Call Frasier Frasier & Hickman at (800) 522.4049 or contact them online to speak to an attorney regarding your case.


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