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I was not involved in the riot/union strike but I still lost my job

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Do I Have A Case Against My Union?

When the workers where you work go on strike, you may be caught in the crossfire if all those people are fired. You may have gone to work every day, but it is possible that the company will fire everyone in a blanket move. You need to have an attorney on your side who is going to help you get your job back. You will need to collect evidence stating your case, and the attorney will walk you through this process.

Were You At Work?

The employee records that show who clocked into work are legal documents. You must show your attorney the times when you clocked in and out of work. If you were going to work regularly, you can prove that with these records. Your attorney will be able to present this evidence in court, or they could use this evidence to threaten a lawsuit against your employer.

Were You Paid?

You need to have your paychecks to show that you were paid for the work that you did. When your employer is acknowledging that you worked by paying you, you can use that evidence to show that you were not involved in the strike or riot at all. You can bring in your pay stubs, or you can show your attorney the tax records from the tax forms you got at the end of the year.

Were You There?

When the riot or strike is going on, you could be caught on tape or photograph walking to work. You need to make sure that your story is going to match with the timeline. People can say that you were in the middle of the strike, but your timecard will say something different. Your attorney can use this information to compel your employer to give you your job back. Also, they can present this evidence in court to refute testimony saying you were striking.

When you are fired unjustly, you need to make sure that you turn to a lawyer who knows how to help you. They can argue your case, compile the evidence and get you your job back. Frasier, Frasier & Hickman LLP has been a participant in the Union Plus program since it began. Our Tulsa attorneys are ready to assist you when you call. For a free initial consultation, call 918-779-3658 or contact us online.


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