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My boss yells at all the men in the company, but not the women

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Signs Of Work Place Harassment

Harassment in the work place is something that has grown in recent years. In the old days, men dominated the work place and very few women worked outside of the home. However, now women actually outnumber men in the work place and harassment is felt from both sides. It is important that if you are being harassed you should first bring it to the company’s attention where you are currently working. If the harassment continues, you now have grounds to take legal action against both the company and the person conducting the harassment. Work place harassment is no longer a joke as it has been in the past and many companies are starting to understand the seriousness of the issue.

What Is Harassment?

Harassment is any continuing behavior that makes someone feel uncomfortable while in the work place. Playful joking with one person may be harassment to another. With this in mind, it is important to note that even if a “typical” person would not consider the behavior harassment if the person in question feels as though they are being harassed the law still considers that behavior harassment. Many people feel as though only man on woman harassment can occur in the workplace. However, contrary to popular opinion there are just as many cases of man on man and woman on man harassment that takes place in the workplace today.

Is Yelling Harassment?

One of the grey areas in this discussion is yelling. Some people feel that yelling is a normal part of the workday process, and others feel like it is complete harassment that is unacceptable in the work place. The lines get even more muddied when you consider that in some industries, especially those in a warehouse or outside, actually require yelling for people to hear what is going on. Yelling can actually be a safety concern, especially in these types of environments. However, if yelling does take place in the work place it should be fair across everyone. For example if a boss only yells at the men at work but not the women that is not equal treatment and could be considered harassment. If you are in this situation where the men and women are being treated differently in your work setting, getting in touch with a lawyer may be your best option for fixing this issue over the long term.

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