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Someone Drifted In My Lane On A Double Turn Lane And Forced Me To Hit The Median

It is an unfortunate fact that most drivers are going to experience at least one auto accident in their lifetime. We may hope that these accidents are minor and resolved quickly, but dealing with insurance providers can be overwhelming. This includes situations in which there may have not been actual contact between the two vehicles, but one vehicle drifting into another lane caused the driver to veer into the median. For these types of situations, every driver will need an experienced lawyer by their side.

Determining Fault In An Auto Accident

In cases such as a car drifting into your lane it can be extraordinarily difficult to determine fault, especially if no contact was made between the two vehicles. Every state is slightly different when it comes to determining which driver is at fault and to what extent they were at fault. Within Oklahoma, if both drivers are considered equally at fault, then neither can collect compensation from the other. This is why a driver and their lawyer must make it clear that the driver drifting into the lane was over 50 percent at fault. Those that are able to prove this may be entitled to financial compensation for some or all of the damage or injuries.

How Damages Are Awarded

Insurance is designed to cover damage to the vehicles, damage to the vehicle’s contents, and any injuries to the people that are involved. Unfortunately, this can become incredibly expensive in serious accidents. Even if the other party is found at fault, their insurance may not cover all of the damages. This is just one more reason that an experienced attorney can be so vital in these situations. If the accident is severe enough, the victim may be entitled to further compensation for ongoing medical bills, medication, lost wages, pain, and suffering.

Why You Need An Experienced Accident Attorney

Proving that a driver is guilty and then getting them to pay for damages and injuries is no simple task. Their insurance provider will go to any length to pay you only a fraction of what you deserve if anything at all. Our team is tireless when it comes to personal injury cases so that our clients are quickly and fairly compensated. Whether the case goes to trial or is settled out of the courtroom, we can invest all of the time and energy that is needed so that you can focus on getting better. Contact us today at 918-779-3658 if you or a loved one is having issues with determining fault of an auto accident.


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