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Client Communication Results In Positive Relationships

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Frasier Law will get contacted by prospective clients seeking a new attorney because they’ve discharged their former attorney due to a bad experience. Most have had a bad experience with their attorney for a good reason.


This is by far the most common complaint about lawyers. Clients have the right to know what progress is being made on their matters. Yes, lawyers are often out of the office, in court or in meetings, but the client must be assured that their file isn’t collecting dust in a corner. Communication with clients is a top priority at Frasier Law. We maintain contact by either phone, email or through the US mail. Clients are continually advised of the progress on their legal matters throughout the timeline of the case. Sometimes there are justified delays in cases. At Frasier Law, we’ll even let you know if there’s going to be a delay and tell you why. We want to close out your legal matter as soon as possible too.


Clients expect bills, but they don’t expect billing surprises. Billing practices or the lack thereof are probably the second most frequent reason why clients have bad experiences with attorneys. Many of the billing complaints go hand in hand with communication complaints. An attorney can be retained in a matter, undertake the representation of a client and do a terrific job but never send a bill. When the final bill arrives, the client goes into orbit. Monthly billing satisfies an important element of client communication. When you’re with Frasier Law, there aren’t any billing surprises. Clients want to know what they’re being charged for. That’s not at all unreasonable. You won’t see vague, incomplete or utterly confusing bills when you’re with Frasier Law

Court Costs

Almost all injury litigation involves court costs like filing, service, subpoena and court reporter fees. Sometimes the testimony of doctors or other professionals might be needed. At Frasier Law, even if it’s just a Fed Ex fee, case costs are detailed for you along with an accounting. Again, that’s part of communication. Contact Frasier Law today at 918-779-3658.

A bad experience with a lawyer doesn’t have to happen. Almost all of them could have been avoided by simple communication.


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