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Is A Union Job Right For You?

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Union jobs are largely on the decline in the United States, but there are still some available in certain professions. Those working in those fields will certainly want to know if they should join the union or not. If they figure this out, they can make an educated choice about the union.

Why You Should Join A Union

Unions are designed to promote better working conditions, better pay, and better benefits for workers. The purpose of the union is to advocate for the workers who have made the choice to join the union.

Often unions are able to negotiate for better wages and more for those who have joined them. They can hold extremely large amounts of leverage in some companies, and you know that they are there to serve you and your interests. That is a very important reason to consider them a valuable asset.

Even better for those who join the union is the opportunity to climb the ranks of the union itself. Some may choose to do this and build up their career from within the structure of the union. They can count on a job this way and probably build great retirement for themselves as well. That means there are a lot of advantages. However, not everything about unions is rosy.

Why You Shouldn’t Join A Union

Joining a union can cause problems for you as a worker as well. For one thing, you have to pay union dues in order to be a member. That is some money out of your paycheck just to join the organization. At the same time, you could lose some of your rights to work if the union happens to go on strike.

Unions sometimes organize strikes in order to negotiate better terms with the employer. That may sound fine, but it can be a problem for those who are heavily relying on the money they earn. If the strike carries on for too long, it can be very costly to the employee.

Unions create their own rules and regulation for those who decide to join in. That too can be a roadblock for certain employees. They may have to take breaks at certain times and agree to other conditions that the union sets out for them regardless of if they like those conditions or not.

These are two looks at unions and their contribution to the business world and society in general. With this information you can make a more informed decision about joining or not joining a union. Contact Frasier Law today at 918-779-3658 for any questions regarding Union Plus jobs, and if they are the right choice for you.


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