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Fogging eyewear can lead to workplace injuries

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2015 | Workplace Safety

Oklahoma workers who are required to wear safety glasses while on the job are always at risk of having them fog up. Because fogging goggles can make it very difficult for employees to complete the job, many simply refuse to wear them. Failing to wear safety glasses has led to serious eye injuries; in fact, 10 to 20 percent of those who suffer a workplace eye injury temporarily or permanently lose their vision.

It has been postulated that approximately 90 percent of all eye injuries could be prevented by simply wearing safety glasses. Accident Analysis & Prevention published a study that showed that fogged eyewear was a significant reason for non-compliance. A significant number of the respondents involved in the study stated that an anti-fog solution would work to increase compliance with safety goggle use.

Although fogged eyewear can be a problem throughout the year, it often becomes even more so during the summer due to humidity. To reduce fogging, OSHA recommended that employers provide anti-fog treatments or provide eyewear that has anti-fog lenses. Additionally, employers should be vigilant when it comes to compliance. If it is noticed that workers are not wearing safety glasses when they should be, the employer should investigate the reason.

Employers are responsible for being vigilant when it comes to workplace safety. An employee who suffers an injury while on the job due to unsafe work environments or a lax in training may have the ability to seek workers’ compensation benefits. An attorney may assist an injured worker by preparing and filing the claim and the associated supporting documentation.


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