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Can you Be Denied Unclaimed Overtime Hours in Oklahoma

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2015 | Employment Law

Your employers, unless they are government run as a public sector, are not allowed to give you time off instead of Pay! Only public sector workers are allowed to use overtime hours to be “comp time” off, but private sector employers attempting to give time off in place of overtime may be sued for back wages.

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Are You Entitled To Overtime?

In Oklahoma, it doesn’t matter whether you are a salary employee or hourly employee, unless your job is exempt then you are still entitled to overtime. The jobs that are exempt from being paid overtime are:

  • Outside Sales People
  • Workers who are Bona Fide Administrative, Executive, Professional employees spending at least 80% of their time on exempt job duties.

Most other employees are considered non-exempt (must be paid overtime wages.)

Oklahoma Laws state overtime wages must be one and a half times the worker’s average hourly rate of pay. For example if you are making $7.25 per hr. your overtime pay would be $10.88 per hr.

Promised “Comp Time” Off, And Work In A Public Sector?

Your employer is in violation of OK overtime laws, and is breaking the law. Thankfully, if your employer has avoided overtime in this way the Commissioner of Wage and Hours may be able to get your back wages restored.

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It is important to be properly, and legally compensated for overtime. If your employer from a public sector job is promising you overtime in the form of “comp time” off, don’t hesitate to speak to a lawyer at a consultation on this issue. It is illegal and you deserve to be paid for your hard work! Take action to receive what is rightfully and lawfully yours.

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