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Hurt on the Job and My Bills are Mounting

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You are working diligently, and focusing on your work when your hand slips and it is cut while you are working on the clock. You rush to a nearby clinic and get stitches for your injury. You felt confident that your work would cover the medical bill, however, they have not and the medical bills are now affecting your credit. So now what?

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What to do When Hurt at Work in Oklahoma

Injuries at work are time sensitive. As soon as you are injured there are steps you should immediately take.

  1. Report any work-related injury to your supervisor immediately, or as soon as possible. (If you are not quick you could lose some benefits.)
  2. You must report the injury within 30 days of medical treatment
  3. If you are experiencing an occupational disease or injuries due to repeated trauma, you must five your employer notice within 90 days of your separation from employment.

Seeking Medical Treatment for Work Injury

You should be promptly provided with medical treatment that is reasonable and necessary for your injury. Your employer has the right to select your physician, you may be able to aid in the choosing however, if your employer is good with that decision or if you do want to change doctors there are some avenues you can take, such as finding someone in CWMP network. You employer must have you treated within 7 days, or immediately if an emergency (such as cutting your hand open.)

What is Workers Compensation?

According to Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Court, “Workers’ compensation is an insurance program that provides compensation for disability, and medical and rehabilitation benefits, for employees injured on the job. In the case of accidental death of an employee, it includes benefits to the employee’s dependents. Under workers’ compensation, both workers and employers are protected. Each covered worker has a right to benefits for a compensable injury. In return, employers are protected from liability lawsuits outside the workers’ compensation system.”

If you are Denied Workers Compensation

Contact your employer or the employer’s insurance carrier after an accidental injury to see if benefits will voluntarily be provided. An employer or insurance carrier may require a letter from your physician stating the type of treatment being provided and whether you are able to work as proof of your injury. Ask your employer to report the injury by filing a “Form 2” (Employer’s First Notice Injury) with the Court, as well provide their insurance company with a copy.

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