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Staying safe at work in the winter

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2015 | Workplace Injuries

The winter months tend to present a unique set of challenges to employers and employees in Oklahoma. Cold temperatures, slippery conditions and an increase in customer traffic may increase the risk of injury to workers. However, there are no excuses for allowing a worker to suffer an injury on the job regardless of how cold it may be or how many orders need to be fulfilled.

Companies that experience additional sales or customer traffic need to stay true to their safety policies. Pallet-racking systems should be monitored and sales floors should be kept free from obstructions. Sales floors should also be kept dry at all times to avoid slips and falls caused by wet or frozen surfaces. If a floor cannot be kept dry, wet floor signs are useful in alerting workers and customers alike of potentially hazardous conditions. To keep employees safe when working in the cold, employers should encourage workers to consume calories and dress in layers.

Furthermore, employees should be encouraged to drink more water as cold conditions can lead to dehydration. Employers should also be on the lookout for employees suffering from the common cold, frostbite or hypothermia. While worker safety may seem like another stressful task during the busy season, an injured worker only compounds the issues an employer may face during the winter months.

Those who are injured in a workplace accident often have to face high medical expenses and in some cases are unable to work for prolonged periods of time. An attorney who has experience in workers’ compensation law can often help an injured worker file a claim for benefits that can help ease some of these financial burdens.


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