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Managing workers’ compensation

Oklahoma employees who get hurt on the job may have varied experiences with workers’ compensation depending on how their claims are managed. It has been estimated that just under a third of all injured workers need medical guidance instead of medical care and may actually be better off by being assessed by a nurse immediately to determine their requirements.

Although medical guidance is important, it’s not standardized. The way workplace injury victims get guidance and whether it originates from their employers or the entities handling their claims can impact the manner in which incidents are resolved. One claims handling professional says that the industry employs numerous techniques to minimize handling costs, with some even going so far as to monitor injured workers’ activities and social media accounts while they’re recovering. By keeping an eye on the recovery process, claims professionals say they can produce superior outcomes.

Employers are cautioned to focus on controlling the cost of treatments like pharmaceuticals, which have a high potential for abuse and overuse. Professionals point to the addictive nature of drugs like Vicodin and the relative ease with which some patients obtain successive prescriptions as evidence of the importance of proper claim management. Because reintegrating workers is less expensive than funding their continued treatment, analysts say employers are generally best served by dealing with claims amicably instead of avoiding the issue.

Suffering a workplace injury can be complicated. In some instances, employers may resist dealing with the issue or try to convince their employees that filing claims is ill-advised. These irresponsible tactics can compound workplace injuries that should be easily resolvable, lead to increased treatment costs or even jeopardize people’s careers. Those who are injured may find it advisable to learn more about the claims process and the necessary documentation they will be required to file by meeting with an attorney to discuss these matters.


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