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What is the ODAR?

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Have you ever had difficulty remembering something that seems simple once you figure it out? It can be a challenge for anyone to fully comprehend a process they don’t perform often, such as filing your taxes, which is something most people do only once a year. Just like a hobby you may set aside for a while and have difficulty remembering how to do when you pick it back up, navigating the Social Security process for any reason can be confusing, especially when any part of the process changes! Well, something has changed in the Social Security office that might create challenges for people.

What Is The ODAR?

The Social Security Administration has an office devoted to the appeals process and hearings to handle it called the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR). This office used to be referred to as the Office of Hearings and Appeals (OHA), which many people felt was simpler to remember. ODAR is the office where the bulk of SSDI and SSI disability claims achieve satisfactory resolutions. In fact, greater than half of the total claims filed and heard by judges in the office for Social Security hearings are approved for disability benefits.

What Happens At The ODAR?

The second level of the appeals process is the hearing. These hearings are convened by administrative law judges (ALJs) located in ODAR offices. These judges handle appeals in disability cases, as well as retirement and survivor’s benefits cases. The time frame can sometimes drag on in this process since there simply are not an adequate number of ALJs to manage the massive load of appeals. By the time the SSI or Social Security disability claim transfers to ODAR from your Social Security office locally, it may remain untouched for some time just waiting for someone to schedule a date for your hearing.

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