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Poor truck maintenance cited in Swift Transportation lawsuit

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2016 | Workplace Safety

Truck drivers in Oklahoma may be interested in the progress of a lawsuit against trucking giant Swift Transportation. A woman who claims to have suffered disabling injuries to her hands while operating a Swift truck in 2012 alleged in her lawsuit that negligent maintenance resulted in her accident.

According to court documents, Swift has been named as responsible for inspection failures and insufficient maintenance of the truck’s landing gear. The plaintiff maintains that the crank shaft she was using to raise the trailer was malfunctioning. When it spun backward, her hands were hurt, and she says that she has not been able to work since the incident. Further negligence has been declared within the lawsuit because instructions for safe operation of the landing gear were not provided after the driver informed the dispatcher of mechanical issues.

In another lawsuit against Swift, a jury verdict approved a $2.6 million settlement for a former truck owner and operator because of negligent maintenance. In that accident, a trailer reportedly crushed the driver’s foot.

Most workers rely upon their employers to maintain workplace safety, which includes training and properly functioning equipment. A person hurt on the job should be able to apply for medical benefits through the workers’ compensation system. If the person suspects negligence on the part of the employer, then discussing the case with an attorney before applying for benefits could be important. After evaluating the evidence from the accident, an attorney might recommend bringing a personal injury suit against the employer. This action would be done instead of making a workers’ compensation claim. Accepting benefits from an employer’s insurance takes away a person’s right to sue an employer over a workplace accident.


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