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Better hard hats for Oklahoma workers

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2016 | Workplace Safety

Hard hats have been used for an extended period of time to help protect workers in many Oklahoma occupations from injuries. They are supposed to be worn when there is a possibility of being struck by a flying or falling object, being shocked or being burnt. However, due to the fact that many hard hats are very uncomfortable, people don’t always wear them, increasing their risk of injury.

Part of the problem is that it is very difficult for manufacturers to create hard hats that are comfortable for everyone. Different builds and head shapes can mean that a hard hat that is comfortable for one person is a huge source of discomfort for another. A poor enough fit may actually lead to muscle strain.

The good news is that developments have made it easier for employers to find hard hats that fit numerous employees. Lighter materials and adjustable straps help to ensure that this type of safety equipment is comfortable for a variety of wearers. Some hats are even being produced that allow workers to adjust the fit in multiple locations, so people can make front, rear and height adjustments.

Workplace safety involves more than just ensuring that someone has correct head gear. It is also essential that employers provide proper training on how to use equipment or dangerous materials. However, even when all precautions are taken, workplace accidents that cause injuries continue to happen. Workers’ compensation laws are in place to provide benefits to eligible workers who are injured on the job. As the process of filing a claim is time-sensitive, many such workers obtain the assistance of an attorney to help ensure that all required documentation is included with the claim.


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