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Keeping construction cranes safe

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2016 | Workplace Injuries

Oklahoma construction workers may be more likely than other types of workers to consider safety issues when they see a crane in the air above a work project. However, those who don’t operate cranes might be surprised that standards for eligibility to run this type of equipment have not been established on a national scale. In the interest of safety and efficient performance on their job sites, most contractors select crane operators who have the appropriate experience for the job. Although efforts to develop a certification system on a national scale are underway, the efforts have reportedly been slowed until at least 2017.

Experts suggest that the greatest risks of work-related accidents involving cranes are in situations involving mobile equipment using tracks or wheels. It is helpful to note that most crane operators are typically aware of the safety risks in their trade, making daily inspections prior to operating a crane. Contractors typically make frequent inspections of their cranes as well to ensure that equipment is safe. An outside inspector typically evaluates a crane at least once per year. However, more frequent inspections could be warranted if there are any problems observed or accidents reported.

Workplace injuries related to a toppled crane could be quite serious. A crane operator, for example, could have a difficult time escaping from the cab of the crane in the middle of a fall. An error in operating activity could lead to other types of accidents, especially if a heavy load is dropped in an unintended location. The majority of crane-related accidents are the result of human error.

A contractor’s workers’ compensation insurance typically addresses a wide range of on-the-job injuries, including those resulting from an error on the part of the injured party. At times, problems can arise with claims, and an attorney can often be of assistance in seeking the appropriate benefits.


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