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If My Condition Worsens, Will I Get More SSD?

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2016 | Firm News

Social Security disability (SSD) benefits are generally based on a person’s inability to work in regard to a disability. After going through the application and qualification process for Social Security disability benefits, which is often excruciatingly tedious, most people do not want to have to go through it again if their condition worsens. If a disability worsens, however, this may mean that the condition may last longer than initially expected, as well as cause problems if you work.

SSD Requirements

Basically, you must prove that you are unable to perform the work you were able to do before your impairment. Your condition must also prevent you from adjusting to alternative work, in the eyes of the Social Security Administration (SSA). Finally, in order to be successful in your claim, you must have an illness that has lasted, or is expected to last at least a year. There are, however, changes that can – and do – occur in people’s lives after their benefits are approved and recipients start receiving payments.

Conditions May Worsen, Get Better Or Remain The Same

Not all situations can be predicted, regardless of medical opinion. It may be difficult to gauge whether a person will get better, worse, or remain the same. Many illnesses are progressive or degenerative, meaning they will become worse over time, and the person receiving SSD may begin to require more and more assistance at home, as well as medical care. Some people may need an in-home nurse to help care for their basic and health needs.

Will Benefits Increase?

If your condition worsens or your health declines after you have been approved for SSD benefits, you should understand that most individuals will not typically receive a higher benefit amount. The key to SSD benefit calculation is your work history. Because your payment amounts are calculated according to your past work history, the condition of your health does not affect the calculation. If you or someone you love recognizes that their health condition is worsening, you may want to look into the eligibility requirements for the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program, which is set up on a more need-based system.

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