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Motorcycle Manufacturers and Responsibility

People who love to ride motorcycles are aware of the risks involved with biking. Riders who have common sense wear helmets and other vital protective gear to ensure they are as safe as possible. Unfortunately, sometimes a motorcyclist is involved in a serious crash that is the result of defective parts on the motorcycle, which is often unforeseen and unpreventable. Cases like this can sometimes give motorcyclists serious, if not deadly, personal injuries.

Are Motorcycle Companies Taking Responsibility?

From brake disc bolts that are overtightened to rear master brake cylinders losing pressure to wheel nuts causing cracks in rear wheel flanges, motorcycle recalls are not unusual to hear about. While some motorcycle companies, like Indian and Victory, are known for their peremptory and pro-active approaches to product liability and rider safety, other motorcycle companies are less responsive when it comes to motorcycle safety recalls.

MotorbikeWriter reported that, despite obvious recalls of motorcycles due to part or product issues, certain motorcycle companies were quick to answer questions regarding recalls of their motorcycles. Other companies were not so quick to respond to inquiries. BMW Motorrad Australia would not respond to inquiries, however, BMW dealers did inform MotorbikeWriter that they were aware of an impending safety recall.

Product Liability Case Vs. Auto Insurance Coverage

The problem with motorcycle accidents and auto insurance coverage is that the maximum coverage allowed per claim by insurance companies usually does not cover the extent of damage and injuries for a motorcyclist. In cases like this, lawyers who are skilled and knowledgeable will often take into consideration the potential of a product liability lawsuit. In order for this type of case to prevail in court, the evidence often needs to be collected at the scene immediately, which makes these cases difficult if a lawyer is not obtained as soon as the accident occurs.

If a motorcycle or its parts were manufactured with defects, and a rider is injured in an accident relating directly to the defect, a product liability case can be pursued. If the scene of the accident is not thoroughly scoured for evidence, an experienced product liability lawyer can still put together a case for you. Hopefully, you took photographs at the scene of the accident, you preserved your clothing, and your motorcycle can still be inspected for defective parts.

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