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Teens new to workforce at risk for work-related injuries

Many Oklahoma teenagers take summer jobs so that they can earn their own money. For teens who are new to the workforce, however, taking on a first job can be difficult. They may feel required to complete every task that they’re assigned, even if there’s a significant risk of injury.

In fact, younger workers are at a higher risk of becoming injured in a work accident. This is often due to poor training and general inexperience. Teens should know that they’re only allowed to work cashier or office-related jobs if they are younger than 16 years old. While they can do more once they turn 16, they should be aware that they’re not legally allowed to operate heavy machinery or use meat grinders. There are also other restrictions that should be reviewed when accepting a job position.

Two parents who lost their son in a 2014 work-related accident are urging other parents to find out more about where their children are working. If a teen is working in a job that has significant risks, they recommended that the parents research these risks and have a discussion with the teen about work safety. Parents should also ask if employers have ever asked the teens to do anything that was unsafe.

Workplace injuries can have a devastating effect on a worker. Depending on the severity of the injuries, the person could be prevented from earning an income on top of racking up expensive medical bills. An attorney may assist with seeking workers’ compensation benefits from the employer. If the benefits are denied or the offered benefits do not cover the damages that were sustained by the employee due to the injury, the case could potentially be negotiated in or out of court.


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