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Workplace safety should be emphasized before accidents happen

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2016 | Workplace Safety

According to workplace safety professionals, there is a disturbing trend in many industries; oftentimes, companies place little emphasis on their safety program until the unexpected happens. Experts caution that companies in Oklahoma and throughout the U.S. should make workplace safety a high priority, especially among new employees, and identify any shortcomings in their safety program prior to an accident occurring.

While this advice seems almost obvious, a surprising number of businesses have only rudimentary safety training in place as employers may feel that time spent training cuts into productivity and their bottom line. This may be a fatal error, safety professionals warn, as a workplace accident, no matter the severity, can harm a business in myriad ways. An on-the-job accident may lead to decreased employee morale and productivity as well as increased insurance premiums and the possibility of costly lawsuits and fines or citations from OSHA.

Experts believe that employers should take an objective look at their safety training procedures, emphasizing several factors in particular in order to identify possible ineffective components. First, companies should treat their workers as though they are a valuable asset rather than a replaceable commodity. Education, training and workplace safety should be prioritized at the same level as production and profit, and clear employer accountability on all levels, from the company floor to executive offices, must be established.

When an individual is injured while on the job in Oklahoma, his or her employer is required to provide insurance coverage to offset the cost associated with the injury. If a workplace accident occurred due to the negligence of an employer or because safety protocols were unclear, the injured worker may speak to an attorney to see if they are entitled to further compensation.


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