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Oklahoma Drivers: Beware of Cooler Weather Hazards

This year, Oklahoma had a spring and summer that were out of the ordinary. May brought record-breaking heat waves, plus we saw months and months of droughts and floods, earthquakes, and winds that were strong enough to knock a semi-truck right off of its tires on 1-44 back in July. As we head into the cooler weather months, drivers in Oklahoma will face different hazards on our roads, but considering what we have been dealing with weather-wise, these dangers seem a lot easier to deal with.

This is not to say that the state of Oklahoma will experience fewer automobile accidents this fall and winter, but rather that we will need to be aware of these dangers to ensure we keep our accident statistics numbers as low as possible. Frasier, Frasier & Hickman, LLP wants you to be careful as you are traveling in the upcoming months, so we came up with a list of cooler weather hazards that could cause car accidents for you to be aware of. Wildlife ‘Tis the season for hunting. During hunting season, bucks can become especially reckless, so it is crucial to pay close attention when driving through areas that deer tend to be. Be vigilant around fields and other open areas, and especially careful when you are driving on the highways. Students The school aged children have been back to school for their first quarter now. This means that the roads are spotted with school buses, and when there are school buses, there are children. Even when you don’t see a bus, there are children, and children can be impulsive, so it is imperative to keep your eyes open for little people when driving through town, near schools, and on populated neighborhood streets. Teen Drivers Whether it is after school activities and sports or weekend jaunts to the movie theater or mall, there will be an increased number of teens driving on the roads. Teens not as experienced adults at handling situations on the roads – even the teens that drive safely can still pose a threat to others on the road. Slippery Roads Fall and winter bring rain, sleet, and snow to Oklahoma. As the weather becomes colder, the streets can also become slippery and slick, which can be treacherous for even the most experienced drivers on Oklahoma roads. If you must be on the roads when the weather is on the more treacherous end of the spectrum, it is important that you remain cautious. Contact A Passionate Attorney For Help With Your Case Regardless of how careful we are on the streets and highways of Oklahoma, there are bound to be car accidents. Contact us to schedule a free and confidential consultation with an Oklahoma car accident attorney, please call 918-779-3658 or toll free (918) 583-5637.


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