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Signs of workplace safety

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2017 | Workplace Safety

Contractors in Oklahoma may do a variety of work on many different sites, and they may wonder about the safety of premises where they work. There may be a few indicators that suggest a site has taken safety into consideration.

One of those indicators is whether a site induction is conducted for contractors. This induction should review any needed workplace safety information specific to the site. All sites should include information on fire exits and procedures where people should evacuate to. If the work site is a warehouse, it should have built-in ladders and may need roof access ladders as well.

Working areas should be kept clear of materials that could cause people to slip and fall. The site should also observe whatever health and safety regulations are appropriate for the industry. Employers who fail to do this risk injured employees and costly consequences.

An employee or a contractor who is injured on the job may want to speak to an attorney about their rights and what kind of compensation they might be entitled to. For example, an injured employee might be eligible for workers’ compensation, and this may help cover the costs of medical expenses as well as lost wages. A worker could be out for weeks or months while they recover or could be permanently disabled. Employees might be unaware that they are eligible for workers’ compensation, or their employers might not know or might discourage them from seeking compensation. Employers might also retaliate against workers who apply for workers’ compensation through acts such as denying a promotion or terminating the employee. This is not permitted, and individuals in this situation might want to consider filing a lawsuit.


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