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Staying safe while using stepladders at work

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2017 | Workplace Injuries

Regardless of their occupation, it is likely that many Oklahoma workers will be required to use a stepladder at some point, even if it is just for hanging decorations for an office party. While stepladders are seen as simple devices to use, there is still a risk of injury. In that regard, the Canadian Center for Occupation Health and Safety has offered advice to keep employees safe.

Employees should only use stepladders that appear to be in working condition. They should avoid using stepladders that have cracks or loose rivets. Stepladders that are corroded in places or that have a slippery substance on them should also be avoided. Employees are also advised to use stepladders correctly, which means they should avoid standing on the top of the stepladder. The braces should be fully open and locked.

The CCOHS also noted that there were certain dangerous practices that should be avoided. Employees should avoid “walking” the stepladder as a way to move it while they are still standing on it. They should not sit, stand or climb to the top of the stepladder. They should avoid setting the stepladder up on a surface that is slick or slippery.

Victims of workplace injuries caused by using a stepladder that was not properly maintained may be eligible to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. If the injury was due to a defect in the manufacture of the ladder, it might be possible to file a separate third-party lawsuit as well. People who have been injured in such a manner may want to discuss their situation with an attorney.


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