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The importance of safety procedures in manufacturing

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2017 | Workplace Injuries

In Oklahoma manufacturing plants, productivity is often seen as one of the highest priorities. However, the plant workers are critical when it comes to a manufacturing plant’s productivity as they are responsible for manipulating the machinery and handling a variety of materials. These types of jobs can expose employees to serious injuries.

Every year, it is estimated that four in every 100 manufacturing employees suffer serious injuries or illnesses while at work. Further, manufacturing accidents account for 57 percent of all workplace amputations, and 26 percent of all hospitalizations caused by workplace accidents are in the manufacturing sector. Manufacturing plants that fail to put the safety of their workers as a priority often face financial consequences.

There are several things manufacturing businesses can do to improve workplace safety. First and foremost, the plant bosses and managers should make an effort to prioritize safety. This may mean evaluating workers on their adherence to safety standards and not just their productivity. Further, employers can focus on implementing safety procedures that are easy to follow and that are not time-consuming. Employees are more likely to follow safety procedures that require less energy and that allow them to still get their work done in a timely manner.

After a workplace accident, people who have been injured must act quickly as the state of Oklahoma sets strict time limits for seeking compensation. A workers’ compensation attorney may help an injured worker file a claim for benefits that could include the reimbursement or direct payment of medical expenses as well as in some cases the receipt of a percentage of wages lost during the recovery period.


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