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Proactive safety planning can help cut workplace injuries

Preventing serious injuries and fatalities in the workplace should be an important priority for people concerned about safety on the job in Oklahoma. There are different types of potential injuries that can take place during the work day, and safety advocates are urging a prevention-focused approach to protect workers from dangerous accidents.

A prevention program that focuses on serious injuries and fatalities can be one of the most important and effective approaches to safety on the job. Rather than waiting for injuries to occur and then investigating what happened, this kind of approach focuses on proactive behavior to stop fatalities or serious injuries before they take place.

A variety of incidents, from repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome to serious slips and falls, can be considered recordable under the guidelines of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Around 21 percent of all recordable events could lead to fatalities or serious injuries. This percentage can vary due to the type of industry or facility being examined.

This type of prevention approach requires safety professionals to single out the most dangerous type of incidents and dedicate the most energy toward preventing them. For example, this can include developing relationships with workers about the level of training and safety support that they receive and seeking knowledge about what kinds of actions could help to increase safety on the job.

For people who have been injured on the job, they may have the right to compensation for their injuries and other damages. A workers’ compensation lawyer can provide consultation and representation for workers seeking benefits after a workplace accident or long-term injury.


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