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Crush Accidents on Construction Sites

According to Oklahoma News 4, a construction worker at a solar power plant near Covington was killed after being pinned under a trenching machine, which has chainsaw-like blades that dig into the earth to carve out trenches. No one witnessed the accident, and authorities believe that he either tripped and fell under the machine or a piece of his clothing was caught and pulled him in. Another employee was killed more recently in Preston, Oklahoma where he was crushed by an oilfield pulling unit. Pulling units are used repair oil wells, and the employee was on the unit when it collapsed. Authorities are investigating the cause of the fatal accident, according to Oklahoma News 4.

Common Types of Crush Accidents that Union Plus Workers Face A crush injury involves direct impact with a body part and foreign object, typically a piece of machinery, tool, building material, or motor vehicle. Crushing accidents typically occur in manual labor positions such as factory work, construction, manufacturing, food preparation, agriculture, and other hands-on work. Common causes of crushing injuries include the following:

  • Being hit, pinned, or rolled over by a moving vehicle, such as a forklift or truck;
  • Using powerful equipment or machinery that may have malfunctioned, or machinery that the worker had not been properly trained to use, or is inherently dangerous;
  • Fast-paced conveyor belt work that involves rapid and repetitive movements; and
  • Being hit by falling objects or objects that are being lowered slowly that slip.

The most common injury sites are the fingers and hands. Broken, degloved, lacerated, or crushed fingers and hands not only cause severe pain, but also significantly limit the employee’s ability to perform their job for weeks, months, and even indefinitely. Securing workers’ compensation for any type of hand injury is absolutely necessary. Amputation is unfortunately common among severe crush injuries. When the injury involves a larger body part, such as a foot, leg, or arm, the trauma can be life threatening.

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