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Construction falls are common reasons for benefits claims

Oklahoma workers may be interested in the results of a Nationwide analysis of workers’ compensation claims from businesses involved in construction activities. It looked at more than 10,000 claims over a period of five years and found that over 30 percent were related to falls from heights. A fall from an elevated surface tends to cause more significant injuries compared to other types of accidents. These injuries could keep a person out of work for a longer period of time.

They could also occur to multiple parts of the body, and that could result in a worker who is disabled either temporarily or permanently. Both construction workers and managers on a job site can take steps to prevent accidents from occurring. For instance, managers should develop safety plans, inspect equipment and provide ongoing training to employees. Workers should ask for scaffolds instead of ladders when working on elevated surfaces.

These and similar items can come with guardrails and other protective equipment to reduce the odds of an accident. Workers can also insist that they be provided with ropes or pulleys to help lift heavy objects. To increase awareness of the importance of workplace safety, Nationwide supports the Stand-Down To Prevent Falls in Construction. The national campaign also helps to provide workplace training and is sponsored by OSHA.

A crane or forklift accident could result in injuries for workers on a job site. Those who are hurt in accidents on an elevated surface or other accidents that take place at work may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. If an accident is caused by a defective piece of machinery, a separate lawsuit might be possible.


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