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When can you hold trucking companies responsible for accidents?

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2018 | Truck Accidents

Commercial trucking accidents are some of the most devastating collisions on the road. The sheer size and mass of these vehicles can easily crush most over vehicles and cause serious injury or death to anyone involved.

That was the tragic circumstance in Ninnekah, a small town near Oklahama City, recently. According to state trooper reports, Michael Allen Jenkins was walking along U.S. 277 early Friday morning when a tractor-trailer struck and killed him. In addition to their grief, Jenkins’ loved ones could now be facing funeral costs, lost wages and many other serious costs that accompany the loss.

Responsibility where it is due

Trucking professionals are held to a higher standard than other motorists. They receive specialized training to keep them and others safe. They are also on the job while driving, and need to overcome factors like distractions and driving conditions.

Despite this, accidents still happen. Major accidents happen for several reasons, but some of the most common causes include:

  • Driver fatigue– Drowse driving can be nearly as dangerous as drunk driving. There are strict laws in place regarding how long trucking professionals may drive. Violating them is extremely dangerous.
  • Poorly cared for vehicles– Commercial vehicles are expected to be in top shape. If they fail, the consequences can be devastating.
  • Improperly fastened goods– Sometimes loads shift en transit, but when cargo falls from the truck it can crush other vehicles or block the highway.
  • Speeding– Like with non-commercial vehicles, speeding gives drivers less time to react and makes poor road conditions even worse than they already are.
  • Drugs or alcohol– Driving while impaired is a serious offense. If it leads to the injury or death of another motorist, the driver and trucking company need to be held responsible.
  • Negligent hiring practices by the company– Like the vehicles they drive, truck drivers are also held to a high standard. Despite this, some trucking companies negligently hire drivers with multiple DUIs, license revocations, have not had drivers training in many years, and other issues.

If you have been injured by a commercial vehicle or have suffered the ordeal of losing a loved one, it is crucial to hold the negligent parties responsible. Time is a major factor, though, so speak with a skilled attorney right away. They will investigate every aspect of the accident and find ways to get you the compensation you need to get your life back on track.

Expenses mount quickly. The cost of getting your car repaired, medical bills, rehab or surgery costs, lost wages from time spent recovering, and worse can quickly drain your savings and create debt. There are protections in place to help you – make use of them.


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