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Filing for workers’ compensation? An attorney can help

Oklahomans who are injured on the job have a right to workers’ compensation but receiving it isn’t as easy as just filling out a piece of paper and getting a check in the mail.

There can be denials and delays when you seek workers’ compensation. And when you’re laid up with a work-related injury and can’t work, you still need to pay the bills.

You could stand a better chance of the process running smoothly if you bring in an attorney who is experienced in workers’ compensation filings from the beginning. Their help could be the difference between approval and denial of your claim.

When you apply, you’ll need documents, forms, medical records and such. You’ll have deadlines to meet to get all the paperwork filed. Attorneys are accustomed to each of these factors and can help you get things right from the beginning.

The injury already has changed your life. Medical issues, bills and the ensuing loss of income already have created stress for you. With an attorney’s help, some of that stress will be relieved. Your attorney will be familiar with the claims forms and will know exactly what those who approve workers’ compensation are looking for. And if your claim for some reason is delayed, you already will have someone working on your side who knows the ins and outs of both your case and the system will be on your side.

Putting an experienced attorney on your side could be the first step you take in your workers’ compensation filing. A consultation would be a good place to start.


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