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Oklahoma motorcyclist killed on highway in Edmond

A 31-year-old Oklahoma motorcyclist was killed when police say he was struck by a 2013 Mercedes Benz traveling more than 100 miles per hour.

The driver, an Oklahoma City cardiologist, was charged with second-degree murder in connection with the crash, which occurred on Interstate 35 in Edmond.

He was granted $150,000 bond and released from jail.

The doctor told authorities that he was aware he had hit something. His car wound up running off the interstate and striking a light pole. He did not stop or offer medical assistance, according to court documents.

Investigators said they detected a strong scent of alcohol at the scene. Field sobriety tests were done but results have not been released.

Out of jail, the driver will need to be fitted with an alcohol monitoring device and a GPS until his trial. He also has had to turn in the keys to all the cars he owns, along with his passport. He may not leave Oklahoma.

At the bond hearing, the judge allowed family members of the business to address the court.

“We are going back to living in fear that someone with no regard for the law is back on the streets, so we are disappointed,” said one woman, who said she shared a daughter with the motorcyclist.

At age 31, this man lost his life way too early. His daughter will grow up without her father, and all the emotional and financial support he could have provided her growing up. That hole will need to be filled. An Oklahoma attorney experienced in wrongful death cases can help families like these understand their options when a loved one is killed through another person’s reckless or negligent acts.


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