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January 2019 Archives

Have you suffered from these common medical malpractice errors?

If you have the perception that medical malpractice is an uncommon occurrence that only happens to a few unlucky people, then you need to look at the numbers more closely. One study of comprehensive medical errors estimated that around 250,000 people die each year in the United States due to malpractice. This means that 10 percent of all deaths are due to medical errors which rank medical malpractice as the third leading cause of death in the United States.

Injured by a defective product? Here's a product liability primer

As a consumer, when you buy a product, you expect it will work as advertised. The refrigerator will keep things cold. That toy will entertain your child for hours. The over-the-counter medicine you buy will stop that nasty cold from developing.

When truck drivers are at fault

A motor vehicle accident is a scary experience for anyone, and even scarier when a truck is involved. Across the United States, crashes with trucks cause thousands of fatalities every year, and many of those are the occupants in the passenger cars. Colliding with a big rig on the highway can have catastrophic consequences and as a result, crashes involving trucks have a higher fatality rate than those involving only passenger vehicles. Because of their massive size and weight, cars don't stand a chance when they collide with a truck.

What to look for when determining a senior's fitness to drive

As we watch our parents get older, we notice how much they enjoy their independence and their ability to care for themselves without relying on anyone else. They like to get up and go, do their own shopping, eat out with friends or visit their family members.

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