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Don’t give up if your workers’ compensation claim is denied

When you’re injured on the job and will miss time at work – and a paycheck – you have an expectation that your medical bills will be covered, and you’ll receive at least partial pay through workers’ compensation.

But you could file all the required paperwork and still find your claim is denied. Why would that occur?

Your letter of denial should explain the reasons. Here are some of the reasons that can be cited:

  • You didn’t report the injury to your workplace promptly.
  • Your claim was not filed in a timely manner. In Oklahoma, that is two years from the injury date.
  • The injury doesn’t qualify for workers’ compensation.
  • Your employer disagrees with the circumstances of the claim. The employer could state that the injury didn’t occur as you say it did or that it occurred while you were goofing off and not doing your job.
  • You didn’t receive medical treatment for the injury.
  • You don’t have enough evidence that the injury happened on the job.

Because just one missing piece of paperwork can lead to a denial of your claim, it is crucial to put your best case together from the beginning. Workers’ compensation attorneys know just what to include in your claim.

If you file your claim on your own, and it is denied, don’t give up on your case. You have the right to appeal the decision, but it isn’t an easy proposition. Your attorney can represent you and will know the proper strategies to take to give that denial a chance of turning into an approval.


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