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2 Oklahoma teenagers killed when their car is rear-ended

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2019 | Personal Injury

Two Tecumseh, Oklahoma, teenagers killed in a recent crash are being mourned by their friends and family.

The accident occurred on a recent late Saturday afternoon near 45th Street and Aydelotte Avenue in Shawnee, Oklahoma. According to the Shawnee Police Department, a Honda was traveling east on 45th Street, heading toward Aydelotte Avenue, when the driver rear-ended a Ford Mustang.

The crash killed a 17-year-old passenger in the Mustang, a student at Tecumseh High School, and her 18-year-old boyfriend. He was a recent graduate from the high school and the driver of the Mustang.

According to the police report, witnesses reported seeing the Honda run “off the road multiple times before the accident and was traveling at a high-rate of speed.”

While police have not confirmed this, the mother of the young man said the Honda driver suffered a medical condition.

“From what I understand, my son was doing 25 in a 40-mph zone. A gentleman had a heart attack,” she said. “And I guess when he had the heart attack, he accelerated. Instead of the car pulling to the side, it continued straight. It hit my son, and flipped over my son’s car. He was with his car that he loved more than anything, and he absolutely adored his girlfriend. (She) changed his life.”

The driver of the Honda was taken to the hospital.

The community is in mourning, and two families have had to say goodbyes to their teenagers, whose lives were full of promise. They will face considerable expenses and a long personal recovery, and they deserve to pursue compensation for both if the investigation shows the Honda driver was the cause of the crash.


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