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These 2 driving tips save lives

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2019 | Personal Injury

Driving safe, in a way that avoids the threat of car accidents and injuries, should be the highest priority of every motorist. But look around at your fellow drivers on the road, and you’ll quickly discover that most motorists are not doing what it takes to stay safe. Instead, they’re doing the opposite: They’re speeding, using smartphones, eating, putting on makeup, not using seat belts, speeding through yellow lights, tailgating and more. These bad driving habits are putting everyone on the road at risk of getting hurt.

Since it’s clear that drivers need a reminder of how it’s best to stay safe, here are two safe driving practices you should definitely consider doing:

Don’t drive in the fast lane

The fast lane (or left lane) on the road is meant for passing and passing only. If you need to go around a slower-moving car in front of you, that’s fine, but don’t linger in the fast lane longer than required. This lane has fewer escape routes, and you’re more likely to get into a crash there.

Scan ahead

When we know that a potential danger is ahead of us, we can slow down or get ready to drive around it. That’s the benefit of scanning ahead – by not simply looking at the car in front of you, but also paying attention to the cars that are further ahead as well. Also, pay attention to breaks in center medians and intersections as you approach them.

If, in spite of your best efforts to stay safe, you still get hurt in a serious auto collision, our law firm can help you evaluate whether you can pursue a claim for damages in court.


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