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Oklahoma City settles with estate in man’s death

On Behalf of | May 31, 2019 | Personal Injury

The estate of a man killed in an accident and the city council in Oklahoma City have settled a claim related to the man’s death.

The city council agreed to a settlement of $175,000.

In this case, the 23-year-old man leaned against a light fixture, called a bollard, that was adjacent to the Bricktown Canal and it broke. He fell into the canal and was killed as he tried to grab onto the fixture and touched the wires.

He passed away at a hospital on Sept. 30.

By settling the claim, the city agreed to the judgment without admitting liability. The claim had charged the city was negligent.

The city previously settled a claim for $169,650 with an Arkansas man who jumped into the water to try to save the victim. The two men did not know each other.

There are numerous light fixtures along the canal, and the city commissioned an architectural study to come up with ways to improve the safety of the lighting elements after finding 18 loose bollards.

Several options were presented, such as installing lights on poles or other structures, such as buildings or retaining walls. The latter option was determined to be the safest option, and the cost of the options ranged from $126,000 to $259,000.

City officials have not given a timetable to begin safety work.

When we venture to a public area to enjoy the outdoors, we expect to be protected. The victims in this case – the Good Samaritan as well as the victim of the fatality – undoubtedly never thought they were at risk on their trip to the Bricktown Canal. Compensation from the city was just in this case.


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