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How to drive safely in dense fog

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2019 | Personal Injury

Dense fog has the potential to blanket areas in Oklahoma without much notice. In a perfect world, you’d be able to stay off the road in foggy conditions. However, if you have somewhere to be, such as work or school, you have no choice but to get behind the wheel.

Here are three tips to help you drive safely in dense fog:

  • Slow down: This is imperative to your safety, regardless of what the speed limit is. The faster you’re driving, the more difficult it is to stop in an emergency.
  • Use your headlights: Even if it’s the middle of the day, using your headlights in foggy conditions improves your visibility of the road, while also making it easier for other drivers to see you. However, avoid using your high beams, as the fog will reflect the light back into your eyes.
  • Leave a greater following distance: This goes along with watching your speed, as driving too closely behind the vehicle in front of you increases the risk of a rear-end collision. With limited visibility, increased following distance is a must.

Even if you take these steps and adjust your driving style in dense fog, you can’t assume that other drivers will do the same. For example, if it’s foggy during the morning rush hour, you’ll still have people driving fast in an attempt to make it to work on time.

If a negligent driver causes an accident in inclement weather that causes you to suffer injuries, it’s essential that you seek the compensation you need and deserve as you recover and heal.


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