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What will your return to work be like after a job-related injury?

Returning to work after an on-the-job accident is not always easy. After your work injury and your recovery, you may hope that you can get back to work and that your life will return to normal. In order to accomplish this, you may need extra support and help.

Some work-related injuries are relatively simple, requiring only a few days off work and basic medical care. You may need more than that, however. If your injuries were serious enough, returning to the same job you had before your accident may be impossible. Thankfully, you may be able to get additional types of help through your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. The specific types of benefits you can get depend on your needs and the types of injuries you suffered. 

Getting back to work 

Your injury may have left you with some lingering complications. For example, you may not be able to meet all of the physical demands of your job like you did in the past, or maybe you need to find a different type of employment that suits your physical capabilities. Depending on what you need, you may be able to secure the following types of help you move forward: 

  • Training while you are on the job to help you adjust to some of your abilities and how it impacts your daily tasks
  • Training you to find new employment, including job search assistance and resume preparation
  • Help with getting additional training you may need, including tuition if you need to go back to school to find new employment
  • Assistance with ergonomics and adjustments you need to return to the same job you had

These are only a few examples of what you may need after your work accident. Your workers’ compensation claim may have helped cover some of your lost wages and medical needs, but this is not all of the help that could be available to you.

Maximizing your claim

If you require support in order to get back to work after an accident, you may need to fight to maximize your claim and get the full amount you need. Workers’ compensation insurance providers are most interested in their bottom lines, and it is not always easy to get what is necessary for a complete recovery.

There is significant benefit in working with an Oklahoma attorney who can help you address your concerns and fight to maximize your claim. From completing the initial application to getting rehabilitation benefits, you do not have to take one step alone.


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