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Crash claims two lives in Oklahoma City

A terrible crash in Oklahoma City is still under investigation. However, police are treating the incident as a crime.

According to witnesses and investigators, the 22-year-old male driver of a Dodge Charger ran straight through a red light. He immediately hit a silver car, propelling it further than a block, catching two other vehicles up in the wreck.

One of the victims lost the front bumper of his car, and his airbag went off. The driver of the silver car, however, died almost immediately. His passenger died a little while later at the hospital. The driver of the Dodge Charger suffered minor injuries and was treated at a local hospital before being released. At that point, he was charged with two counts of second-degree murder. He was also charged with two counts of causing an accident resulting in death while driving without a valid license. The young man’s license was under suspension at the time of the wreck.

All it takes is a few careless decisions behind the wheel to cause a lot of misery and sorrow for so many people. If the driver had simply obeyed the law during his suspension — or even obeyed the traffic lights — the families of the victims might not be grieving today.

Surviving family members of those who have been killed in car crashes suffer financially as well. Medical bills related to their loved ones’ final moments, burial expenses and the loss of their loved one’s support and income are all major losses. They should find out about their legal options for compensation.


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