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3 Apps that promote safe driving

It is a rare sight these days to see someone use a flip phone. Smartphones are now commonplace across every age group. While some age groups more commonly drive while operating their smartphone, it occurs in all age groups, and even some that adamantly deny that they text and drive or peek at their phone, it can happen phone without even realizing it. 

Of course, it’s important to abstain from texting and driving, and if your state allows it, to limit any phone use to one-touch actions and replies. Let’s also remember that it’s okay to admit that it is extremely hard to keep your eyes on the road 100% of the time. Children, music, sights, food, our thoughts, and yes, our phones are all distractions that can lead to hazardous driving.

Many insurance companies, like Esurance and Liberty Mutual, have come out with safe driving apps for their policyholders, that over time provide safe drivers discounts on their insurance.

Aside from insurance services, several apps have been developed to promote safe driving habits and avoid life-altering vehicle crashes. Three of the more popular apps that are Android And Apple iOS compatible are Drivemode, LifeSaver and TextDrive.

1. DriveMode

This safe driving app silences all calls, alerts and text messages when your vehicle reaches a speed of 15 mph. To fight off the urge to reply, DriveMode provides the option of setting auto-replies. This app is popular among parents as DriveMode offers a service to send a message to parents when their child turns off or disables the app. Music and GPS apps can still be used when DriveMode is activated.

2. LifeSaver

Since the app is continuously running silently in the background, the second you start driving, LifeSaver turns on. LifeSaver is a popular app among companies that employ fleets of drivers as it can send daily and weekly reports indicating driver performance and highlight driving violations. For parents and individual drivers, LifeSaver offers rewards for drivers who meet specific criteria. Gift cards are a standard reward.

3. TextDrive

TextDrive is an intuitive and straightforward app with one purpose, to send automatic responses to those who call and text you. TextDrive allows you to create custom auto-responses, or you have the option vocally reply on the spot. If you deal with constant robocalls, you can create custom replies for only those in your contact list.

All three of these apps, plus others, are valiant options to promote safe driving practices for yourself and, if applicable, your children and your workers. 


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