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What to know before becoming a cycling commuter

Most adults flirt with the idea of biking into work, especially if they live nearby because there are so many benefits to bike for your commutes such as sustainability, health and reduced costs. However, there are some essential tips and tricks to consider before hopping onto your bike next Monday morning.

Start small

Most cyclists do not start with the most expensive gear and the longest commutes. Instead, they start small by investing in a decent bike and helmet. Then, they will ride into work once or twice a week, or until they are comfortable on their bike.

Starting small allows you to learn what you like or need during a cycling commute. You will learn what gear, routes and schedule work for your job.

Prepare for the worst

Most cyclists prepare for their rides already, but it’s completely different when you must get to your workplace. It’s best to prepare for the worst and check your bike the day before. It allows you to maintain your bicycle and be aware of any issues, such as flat tires.

It’s also a great idea to have a backup plan in case you cannot cycle into work. For example, see if you can carpool, take public transportation or drive a car if necessary. The backup plan allows you to not stress during an intense situation.

Think like a car

One of the most intimidating aspects of biking to work is sharing the road with other vehicles. However, you must think like you would driving a car. For example, you will need to obey traffic signals and signs. Also, pay attention to your surroundings because you’ll never know when you need to have a quick reaction.

If you’re a commuter in Oklahoma, do not be intimidated to ride your bike into work. Just take your time and prepare for the roads ahead.


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