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What injured workers in Oklahoma need to know about workers’ comp

Injured workers in Oklahoma have important protections through the workers’ compensation process. Because the period of time following a workplace injury can be difficult, injured workers and their families should be familiar with the workers’ compensation benefits available to them.

Injured workers can receive help with their medical care, treatment and medical expenses which employers in Oklahoma are required to provide within 5 days of the worker’s injury. Injured workers must provide notice of their injury within 30 days of the workplace injury. In addition, injured workers can receive help with their lost wages due to the workplace injury they have suffered and their inability to work as a result. Vocational rehabilitation benefits may also be available to help injured workers with retraining following a workplace injury.

In addition to the workers’ compensation benefits that may be available to injured workers, death benefits may also be available to loved ones when a worker has died in a fatal workplace accident. Workers’ compensation benefits can help protect injured workers and their families in situations of workplace injuries or illnesses. There are timelines that accompany a claim for workers’ compensation benefits that injured workers should be aware of and a dispute process for when they have been denied workers’ compensation benefits.

Workers’ compensation can be vital for injured workers facing the physical, financial and emotional harm of a workplace injury. As a result, injured workers should be familiar with workers’ compensation protections and how to access the benefits when needed. Injured workers and families facing workplace injuries do not need to face them alone.


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