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Tips for staying safe while driving through a work zone

Drivers in Tulsa are certainly not strangers to navigating road construction. Due to the changing seasons and the brutal summer heat, roads are often in need of repair not to mention construction projects that line highways and city streets. No matter how common, these work zones can become hazardous for drivers.

Historically, rear-end and fixed-object collisions remain the most common types of accidents in construction zones. Here are some tips that might reduce your chances of suffering a motor vehicle accident and serious injury.

  • Minimize distractions: In the best of scenarios, distracted driving should be avoided. When traveling through a work zone, however, all potential distractions must be minimized. This includes eating, drinking, personal grooming, talking to passengers, talking on a cell phone and texting.
  • Pay attention to the road: Minimizing distractions is one thing – remaining fully attentive to the task at hand is another. Drivers need to focus on cars, not only right in front of them, but further down the line of traffic to identify sudden stops. Additionally, drivers need to pay attention to warning signs and painted lane indicators.
  • Don’t tailgate: You might be frustrated by the slow-moving traffic in front of you, but common sense needs to take over in these driving environments. It is much safer to give yourself ample stopping distance when unseen hazards might appear in a work zone.
  • Obey the posted safety signs: From changing speed limits to lane switches, the posted safety signs will warn you of potential hazards.

While driving through a work zone, it is important to remain patient and expect the unexpected. From negligent drivers around you, to trucks entering the roadway, to construction debris striking your car the potential for disaster surrounds your vehicle. If you were in a motor vehicle accident in a work zone, it is important to discuss your injuries with an experienced personal injury attorney.


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