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Distracted driving continues to be a problem in 2020

People are continuing to travel for the holidays in 2020. In fact, estimates are that 47.8 million people planned to travel by car for Thanksgiving this year, which accounts for over about 95% of all travelers.

While people have generally been more reluctant to travel this year, Tulsa residents taking to the road should still take heed of distracted drivers, especially over the holidays.

Studies show that distracted driving has not declined over the past year. In fact, cell phone use while behind the wheel increased by about 50%.

Other distractions, including people who are simply anxious about world events and tend to daydream, have also been ongoing problems.

Distracted driving can lead to life-long losses

The statistics alone should be enough to persuade Oklahomans to put the phone and other distractions down and pay careful attention to the road.

In 2018, around 2,800 people died because of distracted driving. Additionally, about 400,000 more people suffered injuries significant enough to be reported.

It is important, though, to remember that behind these numbers are the human lives and families that get permanently changed because of distracted drivers.

Innocent pedestrians have been known to lose their lives just because a driver was not paying attention at a crosswalk. Others suffer severe head and spinal cord injuries after a distracted driver collides with them.

With all the awareness campaigns and enforcement efforts, motorists in Oklahoma should by now know that distracted driving is careless driving.

Victims of distracted drivers can hold these financially accountable for their negligence in an appropriate personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.


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