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What causes rollover accidents?

Rollover accidents are dangerous, as they have the potential to crush the occupants inside a vehicle, roll over limbs of those who may have had their hands or arms outside the car and even result in impalement injuries if tree branches or other debris enter the vehicle. These crashes are more likely under certain circumstances than others.

So, how do these crashes happen? Here are a few interesting facts about rollover crashes, so you can be prepared to protect yourself against them.

How do rollover crashes occur?

Rollover crashes happen when vehicles get off-balance and roll onto their side (or continue rolling onto the roof). These crashes are more likely to occur when the vehicle is narrow and tall, like in the case of vans, pickup trucks or SUVs. The reason for this is that the center of gravity sits up much higher, so there is a greater likelihood that the vehicle’s gravity will shift to one side and pull it off-balance.

In a rollover collision, sideways forces, such as those caused by a T-bone crash, could push the vehicle up on one side. It’s also possible to end up in a rollover crash due to lateral forces. For example, if you try to correct yourself after taking a corner too sharply, the overcorrection could cause a pendulum effect. The swinging forces could be enough to roll your vehicle.

How can you prevent a rollover collision?

To prevent a crash, one of the best things you can do is get better tires. Having good tire grip will help keep your vehicle on course and grip the road, so that it’s less likely to roll one way or the other.

Another good tip is to watch how much weight is in your vehicle and to make sure it’s balanced. If everyone is sitting on the left side of the vehicle when it’s hit on the right, it’s much more likely to roll than if that weight is spread out. It’s even worse if you’ve placed heavy objects on the roof, so consider placing heavy loads inside the vehicle.

These are a few facts about rollovers and how you can prevent them. If you are involved in one, remember to seek out medical care. Your health has to come first, and then you can look into making a personal injury claim.


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