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How do scaffolding accidents happen? 

The construction industry provides thousands of jobs across the state of Oklahoma. This type of work tends to remain fairly steady, as there are always brand new construction projects in place, as well as older buildings in need of repair. 

Unfortunately, the work does not come without its drawbacks and it can be extremely dangerous. For multistory buildings, scaffolding is often utilized to give workers easier access. Despite offering these benefits, scaffolding also poses potential dangers. Outlined below are some of the more common causes of scaffolding accidents

A faulty scaffolding structure  

Scaffolding is a separate construction in itself. Metal poles and joints are used to piece together the frame and wooden planks tend to make up the floorspace. All of these aspects need to be constructed properly, or the risk of an accident is heightened. 

An improperly constructed scaffolding platform could collapse altogether, causing severe injuries to those on board as well as anyone within the vicinity. If steel poles or wooden planks become loose, they could fall and cause devastating head injuries to anyone who is struck by them. 

Lack of safety rails 

It’s vital that construction workers have something stable to grip on when working on scaffolding. Not only can safety rails assist with balance, but they can provide a safety net if someone does fall over. 

Scaffolding that does not have safety rules should never be used. It’s also important to carry out routine inspections to ensure that all components, including safety rails, are tightly fastened.

Construction work is dangerous at the best of times but you shouldn’t have to face unnecessary dangers. If you’ve been injured on the job, seeking legal guidance will make you aware of your options in terms of pursuing legal compensation.  


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