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2 workplace dangers teachers and college professors endure

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2022 | Workplace Injuries

Millions of kids are back in school, with their nose to the grindstone, working alongside teachers to score well on their tests and advance to the next grade. Likewise, teachers and college professors work countless hours to provide their students with the curriculum they need to be contributing members of society. All that work teachers and professors put in has a heavy price, however. 

Despite the seemingly casual work culture, many teachers and professors work in mentally and physically taxing environments. This can cause many people to suffer life-long injuries and disabilities without the right help. Here’s what you should know:

Student-on-teacher abuse

Kids are young and make many mistakes, especially when they come from unhealthy families which may cause them to act poorly at school. When this happens, it is often the teacher who’s likely to be hurt. Teachers may be threatened or physically attacked by students. 

Eye strain

The past couple of years has seen a huge surge in online teaching. Many students now work on their phones, tablets or laptops –  and so do teachers and professors. Students may only have to attend a few classes online a day, but teachers are likely to spend all day looking at their screens, recording videos and grading assignments.

Eye strain is a real problem when most of your day is spent looking at a computer screen. Eye strain may cause blurriness, sore eyes and headaches. All of these symptoms may affect how a teacher or professor does their job.

If you’re suffering from a job-related attack or injury, you may need to know what options you have for recovery. If your workers’ comp claim isn’t going well, you do have legal recourses.


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