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Motorcyclists face severe risks from left-turn accidents

There are many different types of motorcycle accidents that can lead to serious injuries or even fatalities. Understanding what causes these crashes can sometimes help motorcyclists to see the signs in advance and avoid the impact.

Arguably the most common type of accident is a left-turn accident. This happens when a driver in another vehicle is coming toward a motorcycle and turns left, meaning that the vehicle briefly crosses in front of the motorcycle’s path. If the drivers are on a two-way street, for instance, the turning driver has to navigate through the oncoming traffic lanes. 

The problem is that this is a judgment call. That driver has to make sure that they have enough room to turn safely. Drivers often make the wrong judgment call, turn when there is not nearly enough space and cause an accident as the motorcyclist strikes the side of the vehicle.

Why does it happen?

In some cases, the small size of a motorcycle can fool drivers. They end up thinking that the motorcycle is still hundreds of yards farther away than it actually is.

In other cases, larger vehicles on the road can actually hide motorcycles. Most drivers who are turning left have to wait for oncoming traffic to clear, so they are watching those vehicles approach. But a motorcycle that is hidden behind a pickup truck may just look like a gap in traffic from the driver’s perspective. By the time they realize there is actually a motorcycle occupying that space, they’ve already begun turning and it’s too late to avoid the accident.

These crashes happen even when motorcyclists are following the law and riding safely. If you get injured due to mistakes made by another driver, be sure you understand your legal options to seek compensation. 


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