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Are too many workers’ compensation claims opposed?

Every job comes with a certain degree of risk. If you work in retail, you might be the one at the cash register when an armed robber enters the store. If you work in a nursing home, you can throw out your back trying to help a patient in the shower. When you get hurt as a worker in Oklahoma, you expect workers’ compensation insurance to protect you.

Every employer should carry coverage that provides indemnity or disability benefits and also medical treatment coverage for workers to get injured or develop illnesses because of their employment. You would expect that your employer and their insurance provider would support you when you need to make a claim, but both parties may be reticent to give you the coverage that you deserve.

Your employer may worry about their premiums going up, and the insurance company will obviously have to absorb numerous costs when paying out a sizable claim. How many workers’ compensation claims face challenges that delay a worker getting their benefits?

Challenges aren’t very common but aren’t rare either

There are some safety net programs, like Social Security disability benefits, that have very low approval rates. The majority of people who apply face an uphill fight or don’t get benefits at all. When compared with certain other benefits programs, workers’ compensation doesn’t see a massive amount of disputed claims.

Currently, the industry reports that roughly 90% of workers’ compensation claims go through without issue or challenge. However, the remaining 10% end up challenged. Employers or their insurance companies choose to fight the claim and may drag a worker through mediation sessions or even litigation in court.

Of course, one in 10 workers needing to go to court or mediation just to get benefits is still a noteworthy concern. Employees should do their best to comply with reporting rules and medical recommendations so that they will have an easier time getting benefits. They also need to prepare themselves for the possibility of intense negotiations to get the coverage that they require until they can return to work.

Workers appealing for benefits may need professional help

Applying for workers’ compensation requires careful attention to detail. Minor mistakes could lead to denied benefits or a lengthy delay in your claim. Despite the possibility of something going wrong, many people try to handle their initial applications without support.

Those that then find themselves needing to appeal or to go to mediation will likely require professional help. Connecting with the right support will make it easier for you to negotiate and focus on your recuperation instead of on fighting a red tape war. Being realistic about what happens during a workers’ compensation claim can prepare you for what can be a challenging process.


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